Rediscover the local business advantage

MI Lakes Internet is a locally owned and operated high-speed wireless Internet provider based in Cheboygan County, Michigan. Our primary goal is to expand our reliable and affordable service to underserved areas and competitive areas alike. We believe that everyone in every area should be entitled to the same fast access - not just where the population density is the greatest. We accomplish this by deploying service wirelessly to the home or business, eliminating the necessity to run expensive cable - a major deterrent for new prospective subscribers. Our service also boasts the same fast responsiveness that Big Cable and DSL providers offer - unlike satellite and cellular Internet services which offer fast speeds with slow responsiveness.

We have recently moved into our 5th year of service and have made vast improvements to our infrastructure to ensure that we can continue to be considered a preferred alternative to big business providers. Over the coming months we will be making efforts to considerably expand our service areas.

Current Service Offerings

  • Download: 768Kbit
  • Upload: 384Kbit
  • Loads websites and emails FAST
  • Download: 1.5Mbit
  • Upload: 768Kbit
  • Better for video applications and work-from-home.
  • Download: 4Mbit
  • Upload: 1Mbit
  • For Multiple devices in homes or business.
  • Higher Quality Video




Standard installation cost for all packages: $100.00

All packages include a basic dish-style mount, if needed, to attach to a roof or building & up to 75 feet of cable. Extra cabling beyond what is needed to run from the radio into a computer or router inside the premise and/or more sophisticated mounting hardware (such as tripods/mast kits or micro tower sections)  will add to installation cost. Extra labor (install time beyond 3 hours, computer maintenance, or a hazardous install) will incur extra charge.

Notice: The transfer rates listed above are 'up to' the posted values. Transfer rates will be determined upon free qualification. Environmental conditions can potentially impact performance.